Intraocular Lens Tunability Will End Exchanges

Most cataract surgeons become highly comfortable and adept at performing phacoemulsification, removing even the most difficult lenses, and placing lens implants with minimal stress throughout their careers. As their comfort level with this procedure grows, it frequently decreases with other less frequently performed procedures, such as intraocular lens exchange.

For some, the prospect of performing such an exchange is enough to make them refuse to offer a patient a refractive intraocular lens implant that may result in an undesirable outcome, whether a refractive miss or unwanted visual phenomena. It’s simply not worth the trouble for them. According to market research, the primary reason many surgeons do not use premium lenses is fear of an unfavorable outcome.

Most patients are interested in refractive lens options when considering cataract surgery. What is a surgeon who wants to serve their patient’s desires while remaining within their comfort zone? Tunable lens implants could be the solution.

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