Electronic Displays With Silicone-Based Optical Bonding

From cars, smartphones, and wearables to digital signage, electronic displays are a fast-growing part of everyday life. As demand increases, display manufacturers need optically clear bonding materials that attach glass or plastic screens to a wide range of electronic modules. Strong, reliable adhesion is important, but so is support for an exceptional viewing experience. In addition, display manufacturers need solutions for high-volume assembly and a low total cost of ownership.

Silicone-based optically clear resins (OCRs) are a good choice for bonding electronic displays components. This is because these innovative materials provide reliable adhesion to glass, plastic, or metal and exhibit high optical transmittance, low haze, and minimal yellowing for display readability and visibility. Silicone-based OCRs also support automated assembly and can reduce operational costs with energy-efficient curing. Importantly, silicone-based OCRs are able to withstand harsh, application-specific environments and demanding test conditions.

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