Temperature Scanning Over Long Range

The U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Crane, Indiana division has developed a temperature scanning sensor system and software to help contain the coronavirus. To use the software, any laptop with USB capability, capture card, most commercial infrared sensors, and a calibrated black body are necessary. The black body is a scientific tool used as a temperature reference. The temperature scanning software uses the black body temperature to compare with the temperature of a person. The system is capable of detecting fevers in near real-time – every 0.016 seconds. It works on individuals and moving crowds from a few feet to a distance of approximately 200 yards.

Since the temperature scanning tech can detect temperatures in a crowd and from a long distance, it’s more flexible than other solutions. This will cause less interruption in normal operations and allow for more social distancing between staff and anyone coming into a hospital. That could mean less screening staff having to quarantine from exposure.

This temperature scanning technology was made for sailors and Department of Defense civilians but has applicability just about anywhere. The Navy lab wants its resources to be made available to others – out of the lab and right into the hands of the public.

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