Fast Electrically Tunable Lens EL-10-30-C

Design faster and more compact optical systems without complex mechanics using the electrically focus tunable lens EL-10-30-C. By applying a current of 0 to 300mA, the focal length of the 10 mm aperture lens can be tuned to a specific value within milliseconds. The EL-10-30-C also features threads on either side for easy mounting as well as the possibility to replace the cover glass with a fixed focus offset lens, allowing for free adjustment of the focal length range according to the requirements of your application.

The EL-10-30-C has two main optical configurations:

  1. The basic configuration has planar cover glasses and a focal tuning range of 200mm down to 100mm, making this the best choice for macro imaging.
  2. The “MV” configuration is optimized for the machine vision market. It contains a negative offset lens so that the over all focal tuning range goes from slightly negative down to 286mm, making this the ideal choice for combinations with infinity corrected fixed-focus lenses.

The following table summarizes the main specifications of the compact EL-10-30-C:

Standard products*Tuning range with Lens Driver 4 (0-250mA)Integrated offset lensCover glass coatingWavefront error**
SY-EL-10-30-C-VIS-LD200 to 100 mm 5 to 10 dptNo400 – 700nm<0.15 / <0.25  λ

* All the above models are available with a 6-pin FPC connector (OEM version) or with a 6-pin Hirose connector (industrial version)

** Wavefront error provided in λ RMS @525nm with optical axis vertical / horizontal


Applications for Optotune’s EL-10-30-C are among others:

  • Machine vision
  • Microscopy
  • Biometric systems
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)


$453.00 – $512.00

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