NMR Spectroscopy Of Intact Body, Heterogeneous System

Noninvasive evaluation of the spatial distribution of chemical composition and diffusion behavior of materials is becoming possible by advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR Spectroscopy) pulse sequence editing. However, there is room for improvement in the spectral resolution and analytical method for application to heterogeneous samples.

Here, researchers develop applications for comprehensively evaluating compounds and their dynamics in intact bodies and heterogeneous systems from NMR spectroscopy data, including spatial z-position, chemical shift, and diffusion or relaxation. This experiment is collectively named spatial molecular-dynamically ordered spectroscopy (SMOOSY). Pseudo-three-dimensional (3D) SMOOSY spectra of an intact shrimp and two heterogeneous systems are recorded to evaluate this methodology.

Information about dynamics is mapped onto two-dimensional (2D) chemical shift imaging spectra using a pseudo-spectral imaging method with a processing tool named SMOOSY processor. Pseudo-2D SMOOSY spectral images can non-invasively assess the different dynamics of the compounds at each spatial z-position of the shrimp’s body and two heterogeneous systems.

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