MATRIEX Imaging: Simultaneously Seeing Neurons In Action In Multiple Regions Of The Brain

Two-photon laser scanning microscopy imaging is commonly applied to study neuronal activity at cellular and subcellular resolutions in mammalian brains. Such studies are yet confined to a single functional region of the brain. In a recent report, Mengke Yang and colleagues at the Brain Research Instrument Innovation Center, Institute of Neuroscience, Center for Systems Neuroscience and Optical System Advanced Manufacturing Technology in China, Germany and the U.K. developed a new technique named the multiarea two-photon real-time in vitro explorer (MATRIEX).

The method allowed the user to target multiple regions of the functional brain with a field of view (FOV) approximating 200 µm in diameter to perform two-photon Ca2+ imaging with single-cell resolution simultaneously across all regions.

Yang et al. conducted real-time functional imaging of single-neuron activities in the primary visual cortex, primary motor cortex and hippocampal CA1 region during anesthetized and awake states in mice. The MATRIEX technique can uniquely configure multiple microscopic FOVs using a single laser scanning device.

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