Large-Area, Flexible NIR LEDs

A research team led by Prof Tan Zhi Kuang from the Department of Chemistry and the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) has developed high-efficiency, near-infrared LEDs that can cover an area of 900 mm2 using low-cost solution-processing methods.

SERIS notes that infrared LEDs have applications in optical communications and covert illumination, and are commonly found in remote controls and security camera setups. The institute stated, “They are generally small point sources, which limits their use if larger-area illumination is required in close proximity, for instance, on a wearable device.”

This is several orders of magnitude larger than the sizes achieved in other efforts, and opens up a range of interesting new applications. Their devices employ a novel perovskite-based semiconductor, which is a direct-bandgap semiconductor that is capable of strong light emission. The work is reported in Nature Photonics.

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