Laser-Based Process To Shape Glass Sheets Could Be Used In Medical Technology And Industrial Design

The ability to bend sheets of glass into angular corners without damaging the sheet or impairing the optical properties is attractive in architecture, industrial design and medical technology.

Fraunhofer IWM has been developing a laser-based technique to bend glass for some time, and has recently announced its latest project milestones. The project is now seeking industrial partners with which to collaborate while scaling up the process and producing larger format items. “We’ve already had lots of positive feedback from architects,” said Tobias Rist, a specialist in glass forming at Fraunhofer IWM and head of the Glass Forming and Machining group.


“A lot of them are now keen to know when this corner glass will be available. But our lab system only processes sheets of glass one square meter in size, so we’re only able to produce prototypes.”

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