Circularly Polarized Light Security Device Uses Glass

Artificial light plays an essential role in information technologies such as optical telecommunications, data storage, security features, and the display of information. Here, researchers show a chiral lanthanide lumino-glass with extra-large circularly polarized light (luminescence) (CPL) for advanced photonic security device applications.

The chiral lanthanide glass is composed of a europium complex with the chiral (+)-3-(trifluoroacetyl) camphor ligand and the achiral glass promoter tris (2,6-dimethoxyphenyl) phosphine oxide ligand. The glass phase transition behavior of the Eu (III) complex is characterized using differential scanning calorimetry.

The transparent amorphous glass shows circularly polarized light CPL with extra-large dissymmetry factor of gCPL = 1.2. The brightness of the lumino-glass is one thousand times larger than that of Eu (III) luminophores embedded in polymer films of the same thickness at a Eu (III) concentration of 1 mM. The application of the chiral lanthanide lumino-glass in an advanced security paint is demonstrated.

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