Fast Fabrication Of Optical Sensor Chips

The modern photonics industry is constantly working on making its devices more compact, be it computing systems or sensors and lidars. For this, it is necessary to make lasers, transistors, and other elements smaller. A team of scientists proposed an affordable fast fabrication method to create optical chips right in a Petri dish.

Using devices that are based on microscopic lasers and optical chips is becoming increasingly common. They are used in the fast fabrication of lidars, in the development of new biosensors, and in the future, they can become the foundation for new optical computers that will use photons rather than electrons to transfer and process information.

Today’s optical chips operate in the infrared (IR) range, i.e. the lasers they use emit at the wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye. But to make the devices even more compact, the scientists need to work in the visible range, as the size of a chip depends on the wavelength of its emission.

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