Wearable Sensor Monitors Oxygen Levels Through Skin

A new wearable sensor can measure tissue oxygenation through the skin. A 3D-printed housing, a sensor head, and an adhesive oxygen sensing film make up the device. Electronic components process the sensor data and communicate via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The sensor detects the phosphorescence lifetime and intensity of the acrylic oxygen sensing film. Two LEDs in the sensor head excite the oxygen sensing film with UV light. In response, a photodiode detects the phase of light emitted by the oxygen sensing film. Phase comparison of the light emitted by the LEDs and the oxygen sensing film provides oxygen level measurement.

The device is suitable for any scenario with a risk of compromised blood flow and a lack of oxygen to limbs and tissues. The wearable sensor is helpful for traumatic injuries such as car accidents and battlefield injuries to post-surgical monitoring and wound care.

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