Dielectronic Recombination Precision Spectroscopy

Researchers recently obtained new results on dielectronic recombination precision spectroscopy. Electron-ion recombination is one of the most important collision reactions in the plasma environment.

Precise electron-ion recombination rate coefficients are the most basic input parameters for astrophysical and fusion plasma modeling. The radiation lines in the dielectronic recombination (DR) process can be used as an effective probe for the electron temperature and density diagnostic in plasmas.

The heavy-ion storage ring combined with the electron-cooler device provides a unique experimental platform for the dielectronic recombination precision spectroscopy experimental research of highly charged ions. Usually, the storage ring DR experiments have extremely high energy resolution, and the relative energy between the electron and ion beams can be precisely detuned in a very broad energy range, which provides the only method to measure the low energy DR processes, especially for the DR resonances near the ionization threshold.

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