Computer Vision Technology, LiDAR To Contain COVID-19

Will automated infection tracking become standard procedure in airports around the world? Real-time thermal monitoring combined with biometric data that could be immediately extracted and analyzed (using computer vision technology) would help airport personnel quickly identify individuals with potential illness in even the most crowded terminals. Possible points of contact with the individual could also be tracked and identified.

To help airlines manage through the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond, companies are developing solutions for continuous detection and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks inside buildings and facilities, including airports. They are also working on a dedicated SARS-CoV-2 Spread Control System for hospitals and factories in Europe and worldwide.

For airports and airlines, the companies developed a computer vision technology application that combines temperature information from thermal cameras and crowd density measurements from lidar with flight information and passenger flows. The system detects passengers with high temperatures and alerts airport operations control to potential contaminated areas, so they can quickly redirect passenger flows, reposition flights, close infected areas, and reallocate staff.

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