Biometric Identification Systems & Remote Fever Detection

Biometrics companies are adapting and upgrading their biometric identification systems with facial recognition technology and temperature detectors to deliver new capabilities that respond to the rules enforced due to the covonavirus pandemic. They are releasing new biometric identification systems for access control.

Thermal imaging cameras are added to biometric access control and incident management solution to screen people when entering buildings to detect potential COVID-19 cases. The screening is performed by a computer vision system that is equipped with biometric facial recognition and a thermal camera. If fever is detected, the system sends a notification to a smartphone and the person will be isolated by hospital staff.

The upgraded technology includes biometric authentication, thermal imaging and incident management systems. It has been introduced in a municipal government system and a geriatric medical center in Israel, and in two enterprises in the U.S. and the Netherlands. Its capability of scanning thousands of people makes it scalable for large organizations.

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