VR Head-Mounted Display – Adaptable Facial Interface

A patent application from Apple relates to their future VR head-mounted display and more specifically to a system that will provide users with the ability to customize the headset’s fit on their face so that it’s comfortable and snug.

A head-mounted display is worn on the head of the user and engages the face thereof. However, by engaging the face, the head-mounted display may restrict facial movements and may additionally be moved by such facial movements. Apple’s invention covers the implementation of VR head-mounted display and facial interface.

The facial interface includes the first facial support that engages an upper facial region above the eyes of the user and the second facial support that engages a lower facial region below the eyes of the user. The head-mounted display may further include a head interface coupled to the display assembly that engages the head of the user to support the display assembly, which in the reference position, maybe in tension and compress the facial interface between the display assembly and the face of the user.

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