Voice Biometrics To Prevent Frauds

Voice biometrics are a powerful and convenient form of biometrics that will be crucial in enhancing anti-fraud technology. Whereas one type of biometrics provides a decent security against would-be hackers, two provide significantly greater protection, resulting in lower fraud rates. The use of both face and voice biometrics makes the verification process nearly impregnable to fraudsters, providing four layers of protection: liveness, recognition of both face and voice, and authentication.

Not only that, but voice biometrics can be acquired quickly and passively from our devices, making consumer adoption simple. It takes no more time, for example, if banks ask people to repeat a sentence after employing liveness detection to validate a selfie when they sign up for a new account.

Although the process adds a few seconds to the user experience, it isn’t a huge stumbling block. When it comes to achieving a balance between security and convenience, there will always be trade-offs.

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