Terminal Scanner Improves Safety

The terminal scanner installed at Marshall Hall, the U.S. Army Reserve Command, and the U.S. Forces Command headquarters scans any soldiers’ or civilians’ temperatures via the wrist. It also photographs their faces as they enter Marshall Hall.

A major benefit of this terminal scanner is that it doesn’t require any touching. The device is officially called a “Single Person Thermal Wrist Temperature Detection and Face Recognition Terminal.” This tablet-like terminal has a camera and a thermal scanner. It sits on a stand that elevates it from the ground at around chest-level. As people enter the building, they lean over to photograph their faces. It takes a fraction of a second for the camera to take each photo.

The terminal scanner includes a memory card — accessible only through a key — that stores up to 10,000 photos. That means even if someone enters the building with a normal temperature but later tests positive for COVID-19, the photo archive can help determine who came into the building around the same time, which can assist with contact tracing.

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