Stretchable Sensor With Optical Fiber

The skin-like electrical stretchable sensor has been widely employed for wearable human healthcare monitoring but is limited by electromagnetic interferences, poor waterproof performance, and point-type measurement.

Now, researchers have developed a skin-like optical fiber (SSOF) stretchable sensor with excellent stretchability (up to 100%), flexibility, and excellent compliance with skin is reported. A hybrid coding based on the light intensity difference of two fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) is created to achieve the resistance for light power fluctuations and the capability of distributed measurement.

The SSOF stretchable sensor has outstanding durability (>10 000 cycles), waterproofness, and impact resistance. And it can stably work in heat (55 °C) or cold (≈0 °C) environments as well. Furthermore, the SSOF sensor-based human-computer interaction system is created to achieve the distributed monitoring of physiological parameters and human full-body movement leading to the enormous potential for virtual reality (VR) and rehabilitation therapy.

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