Single-Cell Genomics By Digital Microfluidics

Single-cell whole-genome sequencing (WGS) is critical for characterizing dynamic intercellular changes in DNA. Current sample preparation technologies for single-cell genomics are complex, expensive, and suffer from high amplification bias and errors.

Here, scientists describe Digital-WGS, a sample preparation platform that streamlines high-performance single-cell WGS with automatic processing based on digital microfluidics. Using the method, they provide high single-cell capture efficiency for any amount and types of cells by a wetted hydrodynamic structure.

The digital control of droplets in a closed hydrophobic interface enables the complete removal of exogenous DNA, sufficient cell lysis, and lossless amplicon recovery, achieving the low coefficient of variation and high coverage at multiple scales. The single-cell genomics variations profiling performs the excellent detection of copy number variants with the smallest bin of 150 kb and single-nucleotide variants with allele dropout rate of 5.2%, holding great promise for broader applications of single-cell genomics.

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