Quantum Technologies And Integrated Photonics

Photonic quantum technologies have reached a number of important milestones over the last 20 years. However, scalability remains a major challenge when it comes to translating results from the lab to everyday applications. Applications often require more than 1,000 optical components, all of which have to be individually optimized.

Photonic quantum technologies can, though, benefit from the parallel developments in classical photonic integration. The integrated photonic platforms, which require a variety of multiple materials, component designs and integration strategies, bring multiple challenges, in particular signal losses, which are not easily compensated for in the quantum world.

The complex innovation cycle for integrated photonic quantum technologies (IPQT) requires investments, the resolution of specific technological challenges, the development of the necessary infrastructure and further structuring towards a mature ecosystem. There is an increasing demand for scientists and engineers with substantial knowledge of quantum mechanics and its technological applications.

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