Manufacturing Success


Defense: Optics Precision – Manufacturing Success

Multiple plastic optics applications for military use and homeland security

Syntec Value-Add

Superior solutions from heads-up display eyepieces to complete missile head assemblies

  • Reduced cost by 50%
  • Increased optics precision by 50%
  • Doubled their production capacity


Biometrics: Fingerprint ID – Manufacturing Success

Diverse applications, each requiring different packaging

Syntec Value-Add

  • Designed one set of optics for stand-alone, embedded & PCMCIA packaging
  • Achieved low-cost targets by designing from the ground up
  • Optimized plastic optics to fit in tight spaces using atypical surfaces
  • Reduced overall inventory needs without increasing the risk of stock-outs


Medical: Blood Gas Analyzer – Manufacturing Success

Slide cell assembly delivered from “dock to stock”

Syntec Value-Add

  • Reduced number of components through proprietary over-molding
  • Integrated lubricated polymer with a base to eliminate ext. lubrication step & contamination risk
  • Extended component life by reducing the potential for wear
  • Extended component life by reducing the potential for wear
  • Reduced overall costs by an order of ten percent, leading to manufacturing success

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