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Plastic Optics Metrology

Innovative solutions and applications demand innovations in testing, and our custom plastic optics metrology meets the challenge. Syntec offers a full range of plastic optics metrology services with a goal of guaranteeing operational performance. We can analyze lenses you have already developed to predict performance under specified circumstances, or ensure that lenses we manufacture meet your specifications 100%.

Our optical metrology staples are contact profilometry equipment to measure surface shapes and high resolution interferometers to analyze light deformation under a range of circumstances. Visit our facilities in person or view our gallery to see our in-line testing equipment, including Contact Profilometry, Ziess CMM and Zygo NewView white light Interferometer.

We also have a custom metrology laboratory where we devise tailored tests using these measurements and more. (See examples.) Syntec develops innovative approaches, data analysis and all needed fixtures to accurately predict performance under expected conditions — without multiple costly beta releases.