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Optical Design

Connect with our team at SyntecOptics.com for quality Optical Design Services. From Lens System Design to Illumination Design to Optical Components design used in wide ranging applications, we are ready to assist with your project.

Optical Assembly

Optical Design

Syntec Optics is a leader in the design, development, manufacturing and assembly of polymer optical components for optical systems used in defense, medical and consumer applications. These can be used to transmit, reflect, or intensify light from UV to the far infrared spectral regions. Different applications have a different set of requirements, constraints and time-to-market. This acts as a problem statement for our optical designers and they design optics accordingly.

Our engineering team has over 225 years of combined experience in design and fabrication of polymer optics including critical optical systems and fully assembled optical units for lens design and illumination design. Their vast domain knowledge is aided by latest optical design and analysis software application tools from Zemax and Lambda Research Corporation, which helps in selecting a starting lens design, raytracing and optimization. Numerous iterations are performed during optimization, design is changed subsequently, all very quickly with the tools, accelerating the optical design process. The optical engineering team also needs to be aware of design considerations for optical coating and assembly (tilt, decenter, etc.).

With the latest advances in manufacturing, material science and optics-based devices, optical design has become more integral to precision optical manufacturing for design for manufacturability considerations. Our optical design team considers numerous parameters while designing optical lenses, optical components, LED lighting applications and optical assemblies that include surface profiles like diffractive, spherical, aspheric, free forms etc. Performance parameters include image quality characterized by MTF and CTF, environmental requirements like temperature and pressure range, weight and volume requirements for device miniaturization.

Get in touch with our optical design team, for all your optical and opto-mechanical design requirements, or modification of an existing design for manufacturability. Syntec Optics is continuously expanding its optical design capabilities.

Optical Design