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Optical Engineering

Connect with our team on SyntecOptics.com when you are seeking optical engineering services. We have vast experience working with plastic optics for your projects.

Syntec Optics routinely exceeds the engineering goals of high tech optical program teams — teams under the gun to contain costs but deliver precision optics on tight schedules, as well as teams looking to plastic optics as a way to solve tough application issues. Skills and experience make the difference when it comes to projects related to optical polymers and optical plastic. With hundreds of successful optical engineering programs for defense, medical, biometrics and virtual reality applications, we can tap many proven strategies to make optics products perform better and cost less.

The optical engineering team at Syntec Optics utilizes its expertise in optical design, opto-mechanical design, custom optics, molded plastic optics (polymer optics), diamond turning, optical coating and optical assembly to offer efficient and optimized optics and photonics system solutions. It has developed thin film deposition techniques for plastic optics that produce optimal results. Because the entire Syntec team keeps optical design and opto-mechanical design front and center at every step, you can count on superior end results. Our optical engineers select the best suited material for your applications based on the optical properties, performance requirements and manufacturing considerations. We also design, develop, manufacture and assemble opto-mechanicals for optically engineered optical systems. Syntec Optics offers optical engineering services for following applications:

  • Imaging components for virtual reality, medical diagnostic imaging, thermal imaging, infrared optics, microscopes, infrared and electro-optical systems and machine vision
  • Precision optical components for optical instruments used in biometrics, holography, interferometry, optical sensors, measurement systems, metrology, spectroscopy and radiometry
  • Illumination design, lens design including aspheres, freeforms and diffractives, optical testing, optomechanics and optical fabrication
  • Lasers and laser optics, microlens arrays, nonlinear optics and ultrafast optics

At every step, you can count on superior end results.

Lowest total cost

  • Proprietary pre-processing saves time, adds quality
  • Building in scalability protects investment
  • New prototyping options like HRDT™(High Refraction Diamond Turning) reduce costs by up to 5X

Maximum functionality

  • Flexible geometry fits diverse packaging
  • Complex elements weigh less and save space
  • Polymer material choices increase performance

Integrated assemblies

  • Complete packages ensure results, marrying optics to electronics seamlessly
  • Optical assemblies in as little as four weeks

Contact us for more information about plastic optics and optical polymers. We are prepared to assist you with your optical plastic projects.