Multidimensional Study Offers New Vision For Optical Tech

A new design of optical chips enables light to experience multiple dimensions, which could underpin versatile platforms for advanced communications and ultra-fast artificial intelligence technologies.

This scientific breakthrough was led jointly by The Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Rostock in Germany, with other collaborators in Germany, the University of Central Florida in the US and UNSW Canberra.

“Light can evolve in up to seven dimensions on our specially designed circuits, which is mind boggling when you realize that the space around us is three-dimensional,” said Professor Andrey Sukhorukov, who led the development of new theoretical concepts with a team of scientists at the Nonlinear Physics Centre of the ANU Research School of Physics.

Professor Alexander Szameit from the University of Rostock led the experimental work, including the cutting-edge fabrication of optical circuits.

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