MRI Scans – Faster, Reliable AI Techniques

One of the most transformative medical imaging tools in the last few decades has been magnetic resonance imaging, known to most as MRI. But, while powerful and insightful, MRI scans are a slow technology that can often lead to patient discomfort. For a patient already in distress, a typical scan lasting 40 to 60 minutes can be overwhelming.

Researchers recently explored how AI techniques could accelerate MRI scans. They found that AI techniques are at least as reliable as current, non-technical methods already in use and improve upon those techniques when clarifying small details in an image.

There are multiple practical benefits of using AI for MRI reconstruction:

  • Patients can undergo much faster imaging procedures
  • The images have a lower likelihood of having artifacts due to patient motion
  • Hospitals can cater to more patients with shorter wait times
  • Radiologists can still render accurate diagnoses for their patients

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