Microfluidic Diagnostics

Syntec Optics is one of the front runners when it comes to various applications and usage of Microfluidic devices. We’ve refined our work to produce one of the best Lab-On-Chip solutions in the field. We’ve created an integrated design that allows for multiple different applications for the lab-on-chip; one of the major usages of the lab-on-chip concept is Microfluidic Diagnostics. Our specifically designed solution ensures that applications such as medical diagnostics occur with minimal use of fluids, to the tune of Pico liters, and yet give precise results.

With projects that we are already working on, we’ve integrated with our customers’ instances where our lab-on-chip devices are being used for medical diagnostics in remote areas where facilities for large-scale lab operations are tough to avail.

Although we produce standard lab-on-chip, we also cater to your exact needs; we create solutions to your particular problem. To know more, please contact Syntec Optics.