Metasurface Antenna – Secured 6G Communications

A research team made an unparalleled advancement in antenna technology by allowing software control of all five fundamental properties of electromagnetic waves. In a world first, the researchers created a universal metasurface antenna that allows for independent and simultaneous modulation of electromagnetic radiation’s amplitude, phase, frequency, polarization, and direction. As research on 6G wireless communication systems advances worldwide, the universal metasurface antenna holds enormous potential for various applications in 6G systems. Its sophisticated waveform manipulation capabilities and enhanced security features are critical for integrating sensing and communication.

The universal metasurface antenna can be employed in next-generation, high-capacity information systems, real-time imaging, and wireless power transfer. The antenna’s intrinsic direction modulation properties also improve privacy and security, making it a perfect contender for eavesdropper-proof communications. The study, “A universal metasurface antenna to manipulate all fundamental characteristics of electromagnetic waves,” was published online in Nature Communications.

According to the researchers, the universal metasurface antenna may alter information by directly creating the modulated waveform in free space. They hope the antenna can be a streamlined information transmitter with cheap cost, high integration, and low power consumption. The invention adds new aspects to the integration of sensing and communications, paving the stage for exciting future possibilities.

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