Medical Optics solutions offered by Syntec Optics inlude plastic ophthalmic lenses. These lenses bend light to correct focusing defects of the eye. Lenses that are thicker in the middle and thinner at their edge converge light and can be used to correct hypermetropia. Lenses that are thinner in the middle and thicker at their edge diverge light and can be used to correct myopia. Lenses that correct astigmatism have a non-rotationally symmetric surface with unequal curvatures in different meridians. We design and manufacture a wide range of opthalmic lenses including single vision, bipolar, progressive and aspheric lenses.

It is important to centre the lens accurately in front of eyes of the user for comfortable vision. Our optical design team controls off-axis aberration in order to produce high quality ophthalmic lenses. We use plastic materials that have higher refractive index to reduce the thickness of these lenses. Aspheric lens design is an another speciality at Syntec Optics to make light weight and comfortable ophthalmic lenses.