Magneto-Optical Thin Film – Photocrosslinking, Patterning

Magneto-Optical (MO) effects refer to phenomena that modify the light polarization according to an external magnetic field applied to an MO active material.

Amongst the most attractive properties of the magnetic transparent compounds are those related to the magneto-optical (MO) effects and their scientific and industrial applications in areas such as data storage, three-dimensional (3D) imaging, magnonics, sensing, and photonics. MO active materials are ubiquitous in photonic devices, but they are still lacking in integrated photonic platforms although they are essential components for optical communication systems (optical isolators, optical circulators, optical switches, magneto-optic (MO) modulators) and high-performance magnetic field sensors.

DUV photolithography (193 nm) is an extremely interesting tool for the micro and nanostructuring of thin films with magneto-optical properties. Starting from solutions whose composition can be easily adapted to modulate the properties, the DUV photolithography step allows to cross-link the material and to structure it at submicrometer scales. No additional step (in particular no thermal annealing) is required to obtain the magneto-optical properties, which opens perspectives for the integration of these materials in devices, on glass, on silicon, but also on plastic.

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