Laser-Based Sensor Could Replace Invasive Blood Analysis Methods

Seeking to make noninvasive blood analysis possible, Brolis Sensor Technology (Vilnius, Lithuania) has developed a broadband laser-based sensor able to remotely sense the concentration level of main critical blood constituents such as lactate, glucose, urea, ketones, or ethanol without drawing any blood. After the technology receives regulatory approval and is integrated into compact devices, those with chronic diseases such as diabetes will no longer need to puncture their fingers numerous times a day to measure their blood glucose level.

The laser-based sensor technology operates in a spectral band that was largely unexplored in the past. Every molecule, be it lactate or glucose, is made of separate atoms—carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. These atoms have unique geometrical structure. When reacting with its environment, an atom vibrates at characteristic frequencies, which are called molecular fingerprints and can be sensed with laser light.

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