Interposers For Integrated Microcomb-Based Systems

Integrated microcomb-based systems can benefit from the confluence of nanophotonic resonators and scalable integrated photonics. These systems find immediate applications in optical frequency synthesis, optical atomic clocks, optical distance ranging, optical spectroscopy, microwave and radiofrequency photonics, astronomy, and telecommunications. Integrated photonic interposers are critical for these systems.

Photonic interposers are essential to realizing the improvements in cost, size, weight, power, performance, and scalability offered by microcombs and integrated photonics. Such interposers need to integrate multiple broadband high-performance photonic elements in a low-loss and high damage threshold photonics platform.

Researchers have developed a new integrated photonics interposers architecture for a microcomb-based optical frequency synthesizer. It collects, routes, and interfaces broadband light from discrete chiplets and heterogeneously integrated photonic devices. The performance of the constituent passive elements (i.e., octave-wide dichroic couplers, resonant filters, and multimode interferometers) of the proposed interposer agrees with their electromagnetic simulations via short-loop tests.

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