Holographic Platform Helps Train Doctors, Nurses

A new holographic platform generates realistic holographic patient scenarios for training purposes. The first module covers common respiratory problems and emergencies.

Mixed reality is becoming more popular as a method of simulator training. As institutions scale their procurement, there is a growing demand for platforms that provide utility and ease of mixed reality learning management.

Learners wearing mixed-reality headsets in the same room can see each other in real-time while interacting with a multi-layered, medically accurate holographic patient. It is a one-of-a-kind environment to learn and practice critical, real-time decision-making and treatment options.

Medical instructors can use the same type of headset to change patient responses, introduce complications, and record observations and discussions in person in a teaching group or remotely to multiple locations worldwide via the internet.

Learners can also watch, contribute to, and evaluate the holographic patient scenarios using an Android, iOS, or tablet. True-to-life, fail-safe immersive learning can now be accessed, delivered, and shared globally, with the holographic platform technology currently available for licensing to learning institutions worldwide.

The study aims to discover how such simulations can best support learning and accelerate the adoption of practical mixed reality training while informing future development. It will help guide institutions in implementing mixed reality into their curricula.

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