High-Tech Contact Lenses Correct Color Blindness

To treat a type of red-green color blindness called deuteranomaly, researchers have put metasurfaces, ultra-thin optical components, with commercially available high-tech contact lenses. People who experience different types of color blindness may find the new customizable contact lenses easy and comfortable. Additionally, the quality of plastic optical lenses can be enhanced by this research.

Simple daily tasks like determining if a banana is ripe are disrupted when red and green contrast issues arise. To solve these shortcomings, contact lenses employ metasurfaces based on gold ellipses of nano-metric size to produce specialized, portable, and long-lasting solutions.

The researchers claim that their innovative metasurface-based high-tech contact lenses may restore lost color contrast and increase color perception up to a factor of 10 based on simulations of color vision deficiencies. The method employed to add fresh, custom-made features to contact lenses could treat various color vision deficiencies and even other eye conditions.

The researchers used metasurfaces, thin coatings created artificially and engineered with particular optical qualities. The light transmitted through metasurfaces constructed of nanoscale gold ellipses has been intensively investigated over the past few decades and can be tailored to generate certain effects. However, the curved surfaces of contact lenses require a method for applying metasurfaces, typically manufactured on flat surfaces.

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