Fluorescent Nanodiamonds Microscopy Calibration

Fluorescence microscopy and nonlinear imaging system performance characterization are crucial in optimizing and controlling imaging systems throughout longitudinal investigations. Microscopy calibration targets resistant to bleaching and can contrast across several modalities are essential for emerging multimodal nonlinear imaging techniques. Researchers have created a microscope calibration target based on fluorescent nanodiamonds. It has the potential to make object-plane measurements more repeatable.

The target design supports day-to-day instrumentation development efforts in microscopy laboratories. The images of a phantom contain information about the imaging performance of a microscopy system across multiple spectral windows and modalities.

Since fluorescent nanodiamonds are not prone to bleaching, the proposed imaging target can serve as a standard, shelf-stable sample to provide rapid reference measurements for ensuring the consistent performance of microscopy systems in microscopy laboratories and imaging facilities.

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