Facial Recognition System Can See Through Masks

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide have implemented a ground-breaking facial recognition system powered by artificial intelligence that can recognize people wearing masks. In addition, the device can identify people in very dim lighting.

The biometric system can identify individuals using only 40% of their face compared to a reference image or video, making it extremely relevant for the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 masks are causing problems for most players in the facial recognition system market. Still, this system was designed to identify individuals from just part of the face.

The device can aid in COVID-19 contact tracing by identifying individuals with elevated body temperatures and flagging them for manual inspection when used with a thermal imaging camera. When a person is diagnosed with a fever, a database of all the places they went that have video surveillance is automatically added to their record. Then, those nearby could be warned.

They are immediately [placed] in the system if their body temperature exceeds 38 °C (100.4 °F). When they combine this with facial recognition technology, the camera will always be aware that [the person] has the potential to pose a danger.

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