Facial Recognition System Can See Through Masks

A groundbreaking artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition system that can identify people wearing masks has been deployed by law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the globe. The technology can also recognize individuals in extreme low-light conditions.

Using a reference image or video as a starting point, the biometric system can ID people with as little as 40% of their face being visible, making it highly pertinent to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the players in the facial recognition system market are struggling with the COVID-19 masks, but this system was built to be able to recognize people from only part of the face.

When combined with a thermal-imaging camera, the system can help with COVID-19 contact tracing by identifying those with high body temperatures and flagging them for manual inspection. Once a person is confirmed to have a fever, he or she is automatically added to a database that compiles all the locations the person visited that have surveillance camera footage. Those who came into close contact could then be alerted.

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