Diagnostic Imaging Automation With Robotic Scanner

Researchers have created robotic diagnostic imaging equipment that can detect and scan a patient’s eyes for indicators of various eye illnesses automatically. The new device, which combines an imaging scanner and a robotic arm, can track and image a patient’s eyes in under a minute and provide images that are as clear as those produced by standard scanners in specialized eye clinics.

To use the equipment, a patient approaches the scanner and stands in front of the robotic arm. Smaller cameras in the robotic arm seek landmarks on the eye to accurately position the scanner, while 3D cameras to the left and right of the robot help find the patient in space.

The diagnostic imaging technology can scan the macula (the region of the retina responsible for our central vision) as well as the cornea (the clear front area of the eye), which are both common sites for eye problems. The instrument scans and images each eye in less than ten seconds, and the total operation takes less than fifty seconds.

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