Syntec Optics is proud to be a leader in defense optics. With close to 35 years of experience, in-house production capabilities, top engineering talent, manufacturing excellence and proven optical design and opto mechanical design capabilities, we are a one stop shop for our customers to meet critical needs in defense, military and tactical optics applications for precision optical components. Our teams work closely with the defense industry clients to produce quality optics, optical coatings and opto mechanical components. From prototyping to production to testing, we ensure innovative processes are in place to offer optimum results. With ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR certifications, defense and military contractors are ensured that our procurement, production and delivery process is completed with precision and attention to details and is compliant with government regulations.

We provide a wide variety of lenses, filters, prisms, beamsplitters, optical windows for defense optics applications like missile systems, guidance systems, military LED lighting, defense lasers, defense imaging and night vision systems. Contact Syntec Optics for more information on our defense optics capabilities.