Cutting Tools With AI-Enabled Sensors

A new research project is developing a new generation of high-precision, low-cost sensors for future smart cutting tools. The project aims to develop low-cost, nano-scale resolution sensors for machining operations on high-value aerospace products to improve precision, reduce costs, and prevent manufacturing errors.

New cutting-edge sensing technology is required to achieve greater accuracy and deal with new manufacturing challenges, particularly in aerospace and automotive. Despite only 50-80% effective utilization, early replacement of cutting tools currently accounts for 4% of aerospace manufacturing costs. With a global market value of more than $34 billion, this waste represents a massive opportunity for cost savings and improved machining sustainability.

Sensors embedded in cutting tools are a concept that has been introduced previously. Still, these sensor-embedded tools need the sophisticated data analysis and decision-making capability they truly require. They rely on cutting-edge technologies not integrated into the machining control system.

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