In today’s global market, quality is expected. Wordingham Technologies makes quality an art form. This commitment has been at the core of our company for thirty-two years. Since virtually everything we produce is a vital element of a precision system, our custom approach to quality makes Wordingham a real partner in our customer’s success.

By systematically following and upgrading our proven internal system, we ensure delivery of “Zero Defect” precision components made exactly to customer standards, using the tightest tolerances in the industry. Metrology is critical to our Quality Department which boasts a portfolio of leading-edge equipment.

  • Sheffield Endeavor CMM using PC-DMIS CAD++ software and QC-Calc, allows us to import CAD data to a program and evaluate complex parts. PC-DMIS CAD++ supports the latest technologies and the most demanding applications. The measurement results can be automatically transferred into our QC-Calc statistical software for capability studies.
  • OGP Focus 200 Contour Projector with 14” diameter screen and a geometric digital readout system. This digital readout is a microprocessor board system that couples advanced electronics with conventional measurement methods.
  • OGP Flash 200 Smartscope with MeasureX software and QC-Calc statistical software.
  • Zeiss Eclipse C99/II CMM with Calypso software.
  • Tesa-Hite 700 Height Gage.
  • Grade AA Gage Blocks .050-4”
  • Accuracy is crucial at Wordingham so all measurement tools are identified, calibrated and scheduled for recalibration with our Gage Control software.
  • Custom and standard thread rings and thread plug gages, several stereo microscopes, Indi Square, Sine Plates, Sunnen Gages, .0001-.0005 Indicators, Micrometers 0-6”, Calipers 0-40”, Bore gages, Indicator Micrometers, Profilometer, Height gages, Drop Indicators with travel up to 2”