Lasers can be termed as one of the most significant and prevalent inventions of the last century. They have created entire industries, optimized many processes, and enabled thousands of applications. Selecting the right optical components for your industrial laser application increases both productivity and reliability. Laser optics arrangements are not universal. In many cases, applications require unique and tailor-made optics. Properly specifying optics can avoid unforeseen system failures and ensure the reliability and robustness of a laser system throughout its life span.

Understanding your application is vital when selecting optical components because, in most cases, these components influence system performance. Most industrial laser applications will require extra-cavity or external laser optics in two main categories: beam manipulation and beam delivery.

Beam manipulation often is required to adjust or correct the laser beam attributes for the desired application. Today’s nonsequential computer modeling and advanced manufacturing platforms have enabled the design and manufacture of many optical components to manipulate beam shape and intensity profiles.

Beam delivery systems are fundamental for laser systems, as they are required to safely deliver high power to the target while maintaining high repeatability and reliability. Different applications require varying levels of accuracy, precision, and degrees of freedom.

Syntec Optics designs and manufactures custom optics for industrial laser applications as per specifications provided by our customers.