Medicine has always relied on the most advanced technologies of the day. Those technologies can range from simple heart monitors to artificial organs. The need for better, more accurate devices has seen the study of a bioinstrumentation boom. The field of bioinstrumentation has seemingly endless possibilities because of its fusion of different fields for the common purpose of developing new and exciting ways of managing and treating disease and disabilities.

The medical technology used in bioinstrumentation combines biology, optics, mechanics, mathematics, electronics, computation, and chemistry to develop novel scientific instrumentation and medical devices. Optical solutions by Syntec Optics span basic science to translational engineering science with healthcare and commercial outcomes.

Optical solutions involving medical technology include optical technology, biomedical research, and medical applications. With the development of new laser technology, fiber optics, optoelectronic equipment, biosensors, spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging, this discipline is growing rapidly. The new medical technology provides a foundation for new applications in medical research, diagnosis, and treatment. Syntec Optics is a proven leader in custom polymer optics for medical technology applications.