Wordingham Technologies manufactured a four-component opto-mechanical aluminum fisheye housing assembly in a projection application. Using CNC turning on a 6061-T6 aluminum base material, pieces of varying diameter and thread are manufactured. The outside diameter of the largest piece measures 6.313″ across, and thread size and pitch range from 5.469-32 UNC-2B to 2.406-32 UNC 2B. All manufacturing processes on this piece maintain a tolerance of ±.0005″, with a circular runout of ±.0005″ and a perpendicularity of ± .0005″. Maintaining proper tolerance is important, as the housing pilot must fit so that it can be assembled and disassembled as needed.

After CNC turning is completed, pieces are finished with a black anodized layer and a surface finish of 16 RMS and assembled, with an overall final length of 24.059″. We work from a customer-supplied print and perform in-process testing and quality control requirements determined by the Quality Supervisor. This aluminum fisheye housing assembly is an excellent example of our CNC turning, custom optics machining, and assembly expertise. For more information on our capabilities, please contact Wordingham Technologies today.