With a long history of providing top quality, custom machining components for the optics industry, Wordingham Technologies was contacted by a client in the northeast to produce an optical lens holder. Machined from 6061 aluminum, this part was manufactured from a customer supplied print using our advanced Citizen L720 Swiss turning center.

We manufactured this part while holding a .0006 of an inch concentricity and perpendicularly, and a +/- .25 degree angular tolerance. We machined the lens holder to measure precisely 1.7716″ in overall length, with a .370″ outer diameter. This component required extensive precision milling with the end pocket having a .010 thick wall while holding +/- .001. In addition, we ensured that the lens holder met precise design requirements through a series of in-process testing. All inspection requirements are detailed by the quality supervisor.

After manufacturing, the parts were black anodized per MIL-A-8625 specification. Offering tight tolerances, flawless finishes, and worry-free quality, Wordingham Technologies manufactures a series of lens holders for the optical world.

By using our Swiss screw machining technology, we are able to successfully manufacturer this part in one operation thus saving our customer money and improving quality.

Product DescriptionThis Lens Holder is used within an optics application.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesCNC Swiss Screw Machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartCitizen, L20 Swiss Turning Center
Overall Part DimensionsO.A.L.: 1.7716″
O.D.: ø.370″
2 Slots
Milled Pocket
.0886″ Wide
.0238″ Dp.
.01 Thick Wall
± .001 Size
Tightest Tolerances+0″/-.0016″ Size
Concentricity of .0006″
Perpendicularity of .0006″
Material Used6061-T6 Aluminum
FinishAnodized per MIL-A-8625 Dyed Black
Typical OperationsSwiss Screw Machining:
In the process, testing performedWordingham Technologies offers 100% inspection for the 1st and last piece of every order created from prints provided by the customer. Those prints are then used to produce both an Inspection Report and an In-Process Inspection Report to meet even the most stringent standards with full custom inspection available upon request.
Industry for UseOptical
Delivery LocationNorthern New Jersey
Product NameOptical Lens Holder