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Opto Mechanical Machining

Defense Optics Housings

Possessing fourth and five axis cutting capability Wordingham Technologies is dedicated to providing our clients with the most innovative, high- quality multi axis milling services. Additionally we offer CAD/CAM programming and design review, cellular manufacturing, and print review for new projects to assist in reducing cost. This technology and our innovative thinking enable us to improve processes and techniques to drive down production cost and increase quality for every customer order.

Asphere Barrels

Possessing many impressive five axis machining centers with live tooling capability, high pressure through coolant tooling, temperature controlled coolant capability and advanced magazine bar feeders, our premium turning machine tools can maintain a tight precision tolerance of .0001 of an inch on all dimensional features before plating.

Micro-Laser Barrels

The headliner L-720 equipped with 7-axis capabilities with up to 12 live tools turning and up to 7 ID work tools, can maintain (+/-) .0001. This machine tool is equipped with the powerful Mitsubishi 700 Control. Full servo axes and advanced technologies enable faster machining operations while reducing non-cutting idle time by 40%. This machine tool demonstrates the versatility and capability to manufacture a variety of complex parts measuring up to 20mm in diameter and up to 6 inches in length.

Mechanical Assembly

At Wordingham Technologies, we offer custom mechanical assemblies ranging from inserting dowel pins, helicoils and pem inserts to full product assembly per your print specifications. We also offer kitting of parts as a set and we will be glad to assist you in determining the packaging design for shipping to your customer or packaging for shipping kitted parts for you to assemble.We look forward to having the opportunity to help with your upcoming mechanical assembly requirements.

Design Review

Wordingham Technologies offers comprehensive manufacturing design and product support from initial consultation to production. We are experts in providing premium cost reduction analysis. We use our manufacturing expertise to assist customers in providing the most streamlined, cost effective machining solutions and innovative ways to improve manufacturability of every component.

Supply Chain

The trend towards LEAN manufacturing and shorter supply chains is tightening everyone’s delivery windows. Working with Wordingham Technologies is like “Buyers’ Insurance”- for many of our customers. We are a dock- to-stock supplier, a status we’ve earned by delivering quality parts when and where they’re needed. At Wordingham Technologies our motto “Quality Delivered” allows us to be a critical partner in your supply chain management.