Computer Generated Hologram Segmentation

Because of its simplicity and flexibility, Computer Generated Hologram (CGH)-based holographic display technology has gained widespread attention, and applications based on CGHs, such as projection systems, encryption systems, and near-eye display systems, have made significant progress.

However, a large amount of calculation is a significant challenge for CGH generation. The high-speed calculation for CGH generation is required in many real-time dynamic holographic display systems. A fast generation method that simplifies the calculation process and accelerates calculation speed must be developed to meet the requirement.

The researchers propose a sub-CGH optimal segmentation method to achieve fast hologram generation. The key to the proposed method is calculating the effective viewing area and the optimal segmentation of the sub-CGHs based on the effective viewing area calculation. The size of the 3D object, the position of each point, the SLM parameter, and the reconstructed distance determine the effective viewing area. The optimized diffraction area (ODA) size on the sub-CGH for each object point is then calculated based on the effective viewing area. Only the ODAs of all points are saved to calculate the final CGH, while the rest of the sub-CGH is removed. This way, the proposed method can improve calculation speed while preserving the viewing area’s integrity.

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