Computer Generated Hologram Segmentation

Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) based holographic display technology has obtained wide attention owing to simplicity and flexibility, and the applications based on the CGHs also make huge progress, such as projection system, encryption system, and near-eye display system.

However, a heavy amount of calculation is a huge challenge to the CGH generation. In many real-time dynamic holographic display systems, the high-speed calculation for the CGH generation is necessary. To fulfill the requirement, it is necessary to develop the fast generation method to simplify the calculation process and accelerate the calculation speed.

Researchers propose a sub-CGH (computer generated hologram) optimal segmentation method to realize the fast hologram generation. The key of the proposed method is the effective viewing area calculation and the optimal segmentation of the sub-CGHs according to the effective viewing area calculation. The method can improve the calculation speed while maintaining the integrity of the viewing area.

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