Brain-Inspired Vision Chip Mimics Human Perception For Unmanned Systems

The burgeoning field of intelligent unmanned systems, encompassing applications like autonomous driving and embodied AI, hinges on robust visual perception. However, traditional vision chips struggle in dynamic, unpredictable environments due to processing power and bandwidth limitations. This leads to distortions, failures, and high latency, compromising system safety and stability.

Researchers have taken a revolutionary approach, drawing inspiration from the human visual system. Their proposed solution is a brain-inspired complementary vision chip.

This paradigm breaks down visual information into fundamental, primitive representations. These primitives are combined, mimicking the human visual system’s two complementary pathways for complete visual perception.

The culmination of this research is Tianmouc, the world’s first brain-inspired complementary vision chip. Inspired by the human eye’s capabilities, Tianmouc boasts impressive specifications:

High-speed visual information acquisition: 10,000 frames per second

High precision: 10-bit

Extensive dynamic range: 130 dB

These features are achieved while significantly reducing bandwidth consumption (by 90%) and maintaining low power usage. Tianmouc surpasses traditional chips by overcoming performance bottlenecks and effectively handling extreme scenarios frequently encountered in open-world environments.

The research team has successfully integrated Tianmouc with high-performance software and algorithms. Testing on a vehicle-mounted perception platform demonstrated low-latency, real-time performance in various challenging conditions. This paves the way for Tianmouc’s immense potential in intelligent unmanned systems.

The development of the new vision chip Tianmouc represents a significant leap forward in visual sensing chips. It empowers the advancement of intelligent systems and opens doors for critical applications like autonomous driving and embodied AI. Combined with CBICR’s existing brain-inspired computing infrastructure, including Tianjic chips, toolchains, and robotics, Tianmouc is a cornerstone for a robust brain-inspired intelligence ecosystem, ultimately accelerating progress toward artificial general intelligence.

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