Borescope Body

A borescope is an optical device consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece and an objective lens on the other linked together by a relay optical system. An internal image of the illuminated object is formed by the objective lens and magnified by the eyepiece, which presents it to the viewer’s eye.

There are three major types of borescopes: Rigid, Flexible, and semi-rigid. Borescopes are used to non-destructively inspect industrial systems and equipment for condition, manufactured parts for quality and security, and law enforcement for contraband, intelligence, and safety.

With a long history of providing top quality and delivery of intricate prototype optical components, Wordingham Technologies was contacted by a client to make a very durable and high image quality scope body. This part has a challenging part geometry that requires running on a 5-axis machine. The cosmetic requirements are also very stringent on both color and surface finish.