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University Of Tokyo And RIKEN Researchers Perform Computational Logic With Ultraviolet Light

For the first time, researchers performed computational logic operations with a liquid-crystal-based chemical device using electric fields and ultraviolet light.1 The device and the methods used open up research possibilities that include low-power, high-performance computer chips. Keiichi Yano, Yoshimitsu Itoh,...
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Programming Light On A Chip

Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a new integrated photonics platform that can store light and electrically control its frequency (or color) in an integrated circuit. The platform draws inspiration...
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Light-Sound Coupling Could Aid Quantum Devices

Researchers at the University of Oxford, Imperial College London and the National Physics Laboratory, U.K., have demonstrated strong coupling between light and high-frequency acoustic vibrations in a silica microresonator. The team believes the work—which achieves a long-standing goal in optomechanics—could...
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