Beam Delivery

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Beam delivery systems are separated into two main categories: transmissive and reflective systems. Transmissive beam delivery systems are growing in popularity. Fiber optic technology now offers a high degree of polarization control along with high optical power transmission. It has become the preferred method of transmissive delivery coupled with articulating robotic arms. Reflective beam delivery, also known as free-space delivery, is a very common method of beam delivery. Reflective beam delivery systems can be used for all wavelengths, allow light to travel longer distances with minimal losses and can be more easily manipulated.

With a long history of providing top quality and delivery of intricate custom machined parts, Wordingham Technologies was contacted by a client to make an laser beam delivery component Because of the part geometry and tight tolerances, this part is best run on a 5th axis mill. The skill level needed to program and set up these types of jobs is very high and we have machinists that can process these types of parts in a way that can produce the part in the best and most efficient way.